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OK, read on later to find out “technically” why you gotta get this stuff for after your workout, but FIRST let me tell you how D@MN tasty this stuff is! Have you ever had “Orange Julius”? Performance Recover Orange tastes JUST LIKE IT! It’s like having an orange sherbert ice cream cone after working out….but it’s good for you. Ok, read on to check out why it actually helps….. Actually, let me say something first….. I like this recovery drink so much, that if you DON’T like it, you can send it to MY HOUSE and I’ll buy it back from you. I PROMISE! Just email me to get my address! [email protected] Here’s what the guys who make it say about it….

Recover faster and see better results with Beachbody Performance Recover

Refuel, re-energize, and reduce muscle soreness with this after-workout shake. Four parts carbs to one part protein ensures speedy muscle repair after intense workouts!* This great-tasting shake is specially designed to provide the precise nutrients you need to recover quickly after intense workouts. P90X Peak Recovery Formula offers a unique mix of: 1. Simple and complex carbohydrates for optimum glycogen replenishment* 2. A high Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) blend to provide the critical building blocks for rapid muscle resynthesis* 3. Vitamins, including antioxidants, to help reduce muscle soreness and assist in repair and growth* Studies show that with proper nutrition during the first hour following a workout you can increase your body’s ability to recover more than 100%. The key component to maximizing this “window of opportunity” is a formulation of approximately 4 parts carbohydrates to 1 part protein. P90X Peak Recovery Formula is a state-of-the-art, great tasting, body-shaping cocktail that’s guaranteed to take your workouts to the next level. CLICK HERE – P90X Peak Recovery Formula Tub Ingredients CLICK HERE – P90X Peak Recovery Formula Packet Ingredients


It’s not enough just to have a quick recovery, you should also keep some Beachbody Performance Energize on hand for maintaining your energy throughout the workout.

As with any supplement, herb, or medication, do not use any Beachbody supplement, food product, or meal replacement product while pregnant or provide to a child without consulting a physician. Use products only after consulting your physician about your specific health needs. Keep out of reach of children. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Warning: This product should be used as a dietary supplement only. Those with medical concerns should consult their physician prior to using this or any other dietary supplement.


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