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Crush Your Limits, and Amaze Yourself with P90X2


P90X2™ is the real deal. Before I let you read what ole’ Tony Horton and the guys who made P90X2 have to say about it, let me throw in my 2 cents after 3 months with the program. P.S. I like to refer to it as “The Deuce”. So, if you’ve been to SUPER-FIT.COM before you know I’ve been doing Beachbody workouts for about 10 years now. I originally started with Power 90 back in 2002 and progressed to P90X, P90X Plus, One on One and now finally I’ve just finished one round of this program. People always ask me “Is The Deuce HARDER than the original P90X?”. I always answer with something they don’t really want to hear….YES and NO. Hahaha….I know, you didn’t want to hear that either, but let me explain a little.

The Deuce is DIFFERENT. It’s harder because it adds a lot of balance to the program. With The Deuce Instead of doing push-ups, you’re doing push-ups on a medicine ball, or stability ball, or one handed raise with the push-up. P90X2 has you doing not just bicep curls, but bicep curls on one foot. The Deuce shoulder presses are with one foot on a chair. So, you start to get the picture of what I mean by yes and no. Will The Deuce make you puke? Yea….if you do it right:) Haha….but seriously, what I really want to get across to you is that it’s NOT too hard for someone who has not done P90X original. You can jump into The Deuce in about the same shape you could have jumped into P90X Original with. Is it going to be REALLY tough if you haven’t worked out in a long time. Oh yea buddy. You bet it will.

But the beautiful thing about these programs, is that Tony Horton understands that not everyone can do a one handed push-up, or Crunchy Lever Pull-ups…..so he gives you alternative, modified exercises. So, for some of you, you’ll be able to jump in and do a lot of the program or all of each exercise right off the bat. For some people, it may take you 180-360 days to be able to do every move on every DVD. That’s OK…..as long as you stick with it, and you are progressing….that’s the whole point of getting a program that you can adapt to and will force you to improve.

P90X2™ continues the good ole Muscle Confusion™ with the most up to date training techniques used by pro sports trainers. Twelve muscle pumping workouts will get you focused on getting lightning-fast agility, super-strong athletic function and of course a rock hard abs/core. You’ll chisel your physique, and crush the plateau effect with P90X2.

P90X2 is available on DVD and Blue Ray Disc.

Here’s what you get with The Deuce:

12 Amazing, muscle-ripping workouts

1. X2 Core. Ever stand on a basketball with one foot? Crush your ore with instability workouts. This workout gets you to improve and then master your overall movement. Works your core using instability.

2. Plyocide. This workout will light your legs and lungs on fire. Coordination drills, explosive movements and mind-speed will force you to improve your agility and speed.

3. X2 Recovery + Mobility. Get your mind right…and get a have your in home personal massage learning the foam rolling techniques. This and The Deuce stretching routine will set your body and brain back to center.

4. X2 Total Body. Push yourself to learn exercises you thought were only for gymnasts. Using the correct muscles and form turn your body with these new combined moves gets you body ready for any athletic challenge. You’re not going to believe what Tony’s got in store for you in X2 Total Body.

5. X2 Yoga. Can you say isometric power? Build your range of motion, muscular power and stabilizers in the ultimate cross training workout – X2 Yoga.

6. X2 Balance + Power. See your power moves stabilize like a 2 ton piece of brick after balance and power. Hit your limits and go beyond using these explosive movements, yet maintaining alignment for rock-solid athletic power.

7. Chest + Back + Balance. Achieve superior strength gains over those achieved through traditional weight training by working on unstable platforms.

8. X2 Shoulders + Arms. Here it is…the GLAMOUR workout! Get your tank top ready, cause your shoulders and arms are gonna surprise your friends. All while using a balance element.

9. Base + Back. Pul-ups and plyo…..what more could you want in a combo? You better eat your Wheaties before this one (or you could try a little Energy & Endurance), cause you’re gonna need it.

10. P.A.P. Lower. This is where the magic happens. After you’ve built and solidified your strong foundation in the first 2 months of The Deuce, take it to the next level with Post Activation Potentiation. Running backs got nothing on you now.

11. P.A.P. Upper. Same goals as P.A.P. Lower, use Post Activation Potentiation to bring your upper body level of fitness to that only pro-athletes enjoy.

12. X2 Ab Ripper. Well, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Ab Ripper X2 upgrade now would you? Get a solid core, and ripped abs with the new X2 Ab Ripper.

Plus, get these information-loaded tools:

1. Fitness Guide. Tony Horton walks you through each workout. He tells you why it was made, why you need it, and why you’re in so much pain…….but also why you can’t even believe your results.

2. Nutrition Guide. Totally evolved nutrition plan to go exactly along with The Deuce workouts. For P90X2, special high-performance foods, that can be customized to grain-free and vegan options.

3. How to Bring It Again Video. Just in case you forgot how to “Bring it”.

4. Get a quick video overview of the complete P90X2 training system.

And even more tools to keep you on track:

1. 90-Day Workout Calendar. The Deuce Workout Calendar tells you what to do, and when to do it. Check off each day so you know you’re on track. Includes the complete schedule and recovery schedule.

2. Online Support. Of course, by know I hope you know with all of the programs, you get exclusive online access to the man himself, Tony Horton. But it doesn’t stop there….get online access to a range of experts, as well as the scientifically proven peer support that will keep you motivated and on track during your P90X2 program.

SUPER-FIT.COM FREE bonus workouts…

Get 2 FREE workouts when you order from SUPER-FIT.COM. P90X ONE on ONE® “4 Legs” and P90X ONE on ONE® “Upper Body Balance”. A $39.90 value—FREE.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. P90X2 wasn’t built to disappoint, so we’re giving you our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply call Customer Service to return P90X2 within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price.

This is the real deal so consult your physician before commencing the P90X2 extreme workouts. All trademarks, products, and service names are the property of their respective owners. © 2011 Beachbody, LLC. All rights reserved.

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