P90X Chin Up Max Pull Up Assist Band


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Having a tough time with Pull ups?  Want to do all the P90XP90X2 and P90X3 moves without the resistance bands?  The P90X Chin Up Max Pull Up Assist is the best way to do all the exercises in P90X and P90X2 for someone just getting a start with pull-ups.

P90X Chin Up Max

Get help doing more chin-ups!

Designed to be used with the P90X Chin-Up Bar, this advanced training tool gives you an adjustable amount of lift so you can work your way up to doing more unassisted chin-ups and pull-ups. Use it to build strength, improve technique, and push your results even further. If you currently struggle to do chin-ups, it will assist you to do them. And if you’re advanced, it helps you to add additional reps after your muscles fatigue.

The P90X Chin Up Max adjusts for the right amount of resistance to help you get the most out of your upper-body workouts. (Used in P90X and Insanity: The Asylum).

Special features include:

– Easily adjustable resistance levels.

– Safety hook.

– Non-slip foot stirrup.

– Heavy-duty buckle for safety and support.

If you can’t even do ONE pull up by yourself, you can do 10 with the Chin Up Max.  Just hook it on your doorway pull-up bar, put one foot in the nylon loop and you can get the same exact movement as a pull-up, just with a little help.  The pull up assist can be adjusted so as you increase in strength, you can decrease your assistance. Get the Chin Up Max and work your way up to doing pull-ups without assistance.

The P90X Chin-Up Max is a training tool that provides assistance with pull-up and chin-up exercises. Used in conjunction with the P90X Chin-Up Bar, it helps offset your body weight so that you can work your way up to doing more unassisted reps of the exercises featured in the P90X and Asylum fitness programs. The P90X Chin-Up Max can be used with any chin-up bar. Benefits includes: Helps build a strong “V-shaped” back and muscular arms and offsets some of the weight your muscles must support. If you’re new to chin-ups, the P90X Chin-Up Max will help you work your way up to unassisted chin-ups. If you’re trying to maximize your chin-up reps, the P90X Chin-Up Max will help you complete more chin-ups after your muscles fatigue from unassisted chin-ups. Features include: Adjustable for optimal amount of resistance, two ways to adjust resistance in small increments: adjustable strap and removable band, safety hook, non-slip foot stirrup, Heavy-duty buckle for safety and support

* This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause severe allergic reactions.
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