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Ok kids…this is not for beginners. Shaun T went OFF HIS ROCKER this time with his INSANITY ASYLUM. Really, you get through half of one of these workouts and just kind of stare at the screen trying to figure out what is wrong with his brain. But the extent to which he pushes your body and MIND is just amazing. You want to dig deep every workout and EARN that ASYLUM T-shirt so you can rip it off in front of your friends and show them your eight-pack. To quote Shaun -“this is some crazy $#&* right here”.

Insanity Asylum

Shaun T’s TOTALLY Insane Workout Is Here.

You want to maximize your sports agility, ability and speed?  Get Insanity Asylum and build your speed, coordination, agility and power in 30 days to a level you didn’t think was possible.   Shaun T gets you prepared to win any sport you may be participating in.  These exercises are what pro-athletes use to get to a level that most people believe is un-attainable.  Get Asylum and crush it on Game day.

If you want to be fast, agile and coordinated like a pro athlete, then you’re going to need to train like one.  After you train like one, you can play like one. Play like a pro in 30 days.

Shaun T, a former track and filed start takes you through 30 days of raw grit.  If you can make it through, you’ll absolutely crush anyone who isn’t a pro.  Shaun pushes you to “Dig Deeper” (as he says) than you ever have before, just to make it through the 30 days.  After you you train with Shaun T, your speed, coordination, agility, speed, strength and power will be your unbeatable edge.  Your team-mates will wonder what the “H” you have been doing, and how they can do it too.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Included in Insanity: THE ASYLUM

6 Jaw Dropping Workouts:

1. Speed & Agility: You want fast feet?  Well so does everyone else.  Here’s you’re chance to get ’em. Get stupid quick on your feet with this cardio workout. (45 minutes)

2. Vertical Plyo:  So you thought you could jump?  The first week you’ll cry….but the last week you’ll laugh at your friends for having no ups.  (40 minutes)

3. Relief: You know you need it.  And after the first two workouts, you’ll beg for it.  Increase your flexibility and lean muscles with Relief. (25 minutes)

4. Strength: Powerful cross-training with weights and resistance.  Next time you step to the line….you’ll be stronger AND faster.(50 minutes)

5. Back to Core:  If you want speed and agility on the field, you’ve got to build a rock-hard core.  Back to Core does just that….and builds gluts & hams for explosive power.  You’ll dominate at any level with this kind of power. (45 minutes)

6. Game Day: Here’s where you put your new speed, power and agility to the test.  Game Day puts you through a cross training, multi-sport workout extravaganza. (60 minutes)

Plus, sports-inspired training tools:

1. Agility Ladder:  You’ve seen pro football & basketball players use the agility ladder….well now its your turn to sharpen your skills.

2. Speed Rope: Get fast. Get coordinated.  Get endurance.  If you want speed, you get a speed rope.  No pro will go without it.

3. Insanity ASYLUM Workout Calendar:  The workout calendar tells you what workout to do and when.  Plus you can track your progress.

4. Guide Playbook:  Shaun T tells you exactly the road to success.  Follow Shaun T’s guide, and get guaranteed results that will blow your mind.

5. Eat to Win Nutrition Plan:  Pros eat to win.  If you want professional athletic results, it’s time to eat like a pro.  Shaun T shows you how with his specialized Insanity Asylum Nutrition Plan.

And receive 2 FREE bonus workouts:

1. Sports Performance Assessment: You can’t measure your results without a measuring stick.  Well, of course you’ll be able to see your abs now…but other than that….track your progress with the Sports Performance Test. (25 minutes)

2. Overtime:  Workout is over and you still want more?  Add on “Overtime”, if you can.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Leave average behind in 30 days, and get to ELITE performance, or your money back.


With a workout this insane, it may be a good idea to incorporate some Shakeology and Beachbody Performance into your diet so that your body can keep up the pace.


INSANITY: THE ASYLUM is an extreme and physically demanding workout. This is NOT for beginners and individuals with any medical condition that may be compromised by extreme cardio and strength exercise. Consult your physician and follow the enclosed safety and other instructions before beginning this program.


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