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I went to the yearly Beachbody conference last week in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand and had an unexpected conversation with a guy I did not expect to meet. While walking around the nightclub “Wet Republic”, I look up to see the creator of Body Beast – Sagi Kalev taking a picture with a couple people. So my girlfriend and I walk over to him like we were going to take a picture too….only, he wasn’t interested in taking a picture with us…..he was interested in hearing why we were at the conference.

Wow. That’s a great guy right there. We sat and chatted with him for about 10 minutes. Turns out he has been working on putting together Body Beast for TWO YEARS. He is so passionate about weight training that he wanted to put out the perfect program so that all of us normal people could get a great education, have fun and get great results.

The one thing Sagi told me that really sticks out in my mind is when he said “I’ve made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to”. Normally when someone tells me a line like that, I don’t think much of it. But it wasn’t his words, but it was the way he looked directly in my eyes, and said it with all sincerity. Yea, he could be saying that just to sell the package, but I have to tell you….I believe him. I really think he put his heart and soul into every aspect of this program, and I can’t wait to see what I learn from the amazing BODY BEAST himself…. Sagi Kalev.

 The Body Beast by Sagi Kalev

Here’s what you get with the BODY BEAST.

12 Workouts

Build: DVDs 1-4 – In these videos Sagi lays the foundation so you can go BIG later.  Super-sets & Giant-sets will get you so pumped you’ll want to flex for your grandma…

Bulk: DVDs 5-9 – Sagi takes the builds on the foundation you layer in “BUILD” and shits the focus to serious muscle hypertrophy….you know…GETTING BIG AND BEASTIE!  Force Sets, progressive sets, combo sets and multi-sets will have your crying for your Mama during the workout…..but showing off to the girls on the weekends;)

BEAST: DVDs 10-12 – Circuit-training, intense core work and serious fat-ripping cardio, you’ll be ripping out your muscles while still building size and strength.  It’s beach time with your new BEASTIE BODY.  Time to show it off and get the compliments.

You’ll also get these awesome tools:

The Book of Beast:  This detailed program guide gives you tips from the pro himself Sagi Kalev.  Sagi shows you proper form, safety and explains what’s really going on in your body so you understand why your muscles grow and what exactly you need to do to get them HUGE!

How to Eat Like a BEAST:  If you want to get big….YOU GOTTA EAT BIG!  This comprehensive nutritional guide provides you with a calorie calculator, an extensive food list, portion charts, and tells you what supplements are awesome, and which ones are weak….so you can GET BEASTIE!!

90 Day Workout Calendar:  All the work is done for you.  Just put the calendar up in your workout place and follow along.  This calendar tells you which workout to do and when to do them.  A great tool to chart your progress as well.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER:  When you purchase your order from SUPER-FIT.COM, you’ll get an extra FREE workout called “Lucky 7”.  This full body workout includes seven moves and seven pyramids.  Talk about BEASTIE BABY!!  If you purchase from, you’ll have to spend another $19.95 to get this one.  Yea, you know we love you here at SUPER-FIT.COM and so you get it from us for FREE.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee:  Of course we know you won’t need this because you’re going to be so friggin excited about getting BEASTIE with Body Beast you’ll laugh at just the thought of returning this program…..however, we still want you to have the option just in case you forget to open the box for 59 days and want to return it.  You even get to keep the “Lucky Seven” DVD if you are crazy enough to return it!

You can also incorporate some of this great equipment into your workouts and keep your body going with this awesome super food as well.

Disclaimer:  Remember, you should consult your Doctor before starting any exercise program.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!


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