Hi, my name is Dr. Buck Parker, M.D.  I’m General & Trauma Surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I live a pretty active lifestyle and eat as healthy as I can in order to stay healthy, fit and live a long, happy life.  But it wasn’t always like that….that’s for sure.

I wasn’t exactly what you would call “fit” when I was in high school and college.  I REALLY wanted to be that dude with the six pack, but I just wasn’t.  It wasn’t for lack of trying….I soon found out it was a lack of knowledge.  When I was trying, I spent tons of money and time on differnt workout routines, joining gyms, hiring personal trainers, trying fitness videos, gadgets and everything else under the sun.

Still, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. None of the workout routines I was using made any difference! I thought, “Ah, screw-it, I just have crappy genes.” Then I discovered what the personal trainers, gyms and corporate magazines don’t want anyone to know. Having a healthy and ripped body is not just for Hollywood-types, and it doesn’t require spending a small fortune on diet pills, trainer’s workouts or personal chefs.

The “secret” is resistance training with specific workout routines, a specialized, proper nutrition plan and plenty of motivation (who knew?!). Once I was educated on human body physiology, I saw nearly immediate changes in my body with half the effort! It wasn’t about simply working harder it was about working smarter — of course combined with fewer Twinkies. Once I discovered this, the results were amazing. In less than three months, I turned my body from the marshmallow man….. into a lean, mean machine. No joke. Three months.

If you’re looking to transform your body, then my website, SUPER-FIT.COM, is for you. I’ll show you what workout routines you need, which ones you don’t, how to plan your diet and nutrition, which supplements work and which ones don’t, and how to turn your bedroom into a full gym (without actually turning it into a gym) with nothing more than exercise bands. Also, I’ll help you fool-proof your at-home workout routines and nutrition —- the way I see it, it’s just not that complicated.

I built this website for real people looking to lose weight, get super-fit and stay that way, without all the confusion. We’re serious about getting results, but we also want you to learn how to get and keep your body HEALTHY- so you can get out there and enjoy your life on this little planet. I’m just like you, a regular person, with a busy life, here to teach you how to use your time and space efficiently to get a healthy and super-fit body without actually missing out on life. I don’t want to be spending half of my life in the gym, and if you don’t either, you’re in the right place.

I provide the knowledge you need to get and stay fit, without filling your head with a bunch of false information, like the “lose weight fast and easy” ideas that are EVERYWHERE you look.. Once you learn the information I teach, you’ll never have to take a second glance a “Banish the Belly” article while thinking….”I wonder if there is a secret in there I don’t know??” Here’s a secret for you….THERE IS NO SECRET.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way….if you are serious about changing your body and life, this where it’s at. Few other places out there will give you the brutal truth like I will. Everyone else is too busy trying to get you to pull out your credit card to buy some of their junk.  I like to point and laugh at them. Do you notice five million worthless fitness gadgets on my website? I didn’ think so. However, if someone else is selling something that works, just ask me about it and I’ll tell you the truth….whether I’m selling it on my website or not.

Thanks for visiting the site, and please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Dr. Buck Parker, M.D.
Board Certified Surgeon