Don’t want to get sucked into another MLM? Then SUPER-FIT.COM is your answer.

Hi, my name is Dr. Buck Parker, M.D.  I’m General & Trauma Surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I live a pretty active lifestyle and eat as healthy as I can in order to stay healthy, fit and live a long, happy life.  But it wasn’t always like that….that’s for sure.  I was never obese, but I just never had that cool six pack some of my friends had.  I was pretty bummed out at about age 28 and thought I’d never have a ripped body.

But let me tell you a cool story.  About 2003 I bought an infomercial workout program called Power 90.  I thought it was a kickboxing program because I really didn’t pay attention to the infomercial.  Interestingly enough it turned out to change my life.  I lost about 40 pounds from Power 90. Check out my results here:

The “secret” I found out from this program was resistance training, proper nutrition PLAN (very important word) and a STEP-BY-STEP guide (who knew?!). Once I got educated on just A LITTLE exercise routines and nutrition, I saw near immediate changes in my body with half the effort! It wasn’t about simply working harder it was about working smarter — of course combined with fewer Twinkies. Once I discovered this, the results were amazing. In less than three months, I turned my body from the marshmallow man….. into a lean, mean machine. No joke. Three months.

That’s not even the cool part yet.  In 2004 P90X came out.  I bought it and crushed it. I was leaner and meaner than ever. Check me out.


By this time I had started my General Surgery Residency in Detroit, Michigan, so needless to say doing P90X everyday was not on the top of my list.  But in 2006-2007 I had a research year.  This means lots more time on my hands.  I was looking into building an e-commerce website to see if I could pay for my medical school loans (about 300K).  I contacted Beachbody and showed them my before and after pics.  They invited me for a weekend retreat to show a select few people (35) their new “business plan”.  They were were going from an infomercial company to a network marketing company.  I asked if I could build my own website and  sell their products (which I thought were fantastic) as an affiliate.  They said yes and so I built and opened SUPER-FIT.COM in April 2007.  P90X was doing really well at that time and so was SUPER-FIT.COM.

I thought I was doing pretty good with just selling the DVDs, but a lot of the people I met from that retreat kept telling me I should do “recruiting”.  I really didn’t like the idea, but I tried it for about a year or two.  Let me tell you what hell that was.  Here I was with these amazing workout programs, actually really great protein powders and decent exercise equipment but I every time I asked someone to get into the business of selling the products they treated me like I had Leprosy!  It was really frustrating and I did not like it at all.  So, that was that for awhile.

About 2090 I stopped working on SUPER-FIT.COM and focused more on my surgery career.  I let the website drop off the face of the planet (I mean google) and stopped being really excited about the products because I thought I had to “recruit” to be successful, and it just wasn’t my thing.

But a cool thing happened.  New technology,  apps,  social media happened.  AND the best part….NEW AMAZING WORKOUT PROGRAMS by Beachbody started popping up.  At first I cringed at the thought of selling these things because they had to be attached to an MLM company.  But I realized something.  There are a LOT of people who LOVE the workout programs but don’t want to be sucked into, or bothered by an MLM company.  Thats where I had my idea to change SUPER-FIT.COM into the only NON-MLM website where you can get these amazing workout programs without being tortured with network marketing pitches every 2 days.

So, if you’re like me, you want to stay fit by working out at home but you don’t want someone breathing down your neck about this “Amazing Business Opportunity”, SUPER-FIT.COM is the place for both of us.

Thanks for visiting the site, and please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Dr. Buck Parker, MD FACS
Board Certified Surgeon

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